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Questions to Ask Medical Packaging Suppliers to Reduce Lead Time

One of the challenges medical packaging distributors are facing today is the ability to receive their packaging order in a timely manner. Supply chain issues, capacity constraints, and labor shortages are just a few of the many factors that potentially cause medical packaging manufacturers to face lead time increases.

In an industry where time is valuable, lead times are a crucial component for medical packaging suppliers. Here are the questions you should be asking them.

Where do you source your materials?

Some medical packaging suppliers get their raw packaging materials from overseas. This can lead to an increase in lead time in receiving the necessary materials to start production. Look for medical packaging suppliers that source their raw materials domestically.

Fruth Custom Packaging building

Fruth Custom Packaging’s raw materials are sourced in the US and manufactured in California resulting in 100% American made products. Fruth was one of the first companies to break down siloed plastics manufacturing that previously required customers to work with multiple companies and vendors to source a finished product — and Fruth does so at a lower price point.

Are all the packaging processes performed in the same facility?

Is the extrusion, conversion, printing, and customization of plastic packaging for medical products done so in-house? If not, some of these steps may be outsourced adding valuable time in the production process. Make sure medical packaging suppliers have the capacity and capabilities to do everything in their own facilities.

medical packaging manufacturing plant

The vertically integrated manufacturing process of Fruth allows the company to manage every step of production, from extrusion to conversion to printing and customization, in-house — ensuring the highest quality at every stage of production and saving clients time, budget, and peace of mind.

Is on-site testing available?

medical packaging

Quality testing is an important part of the packaging process and saves time when done in house as well. Some examples include leak testing, liquid laser particle counting, Elmendorf tear, tensile strength, and elongation. Outsourcing tests like these will add to lead times.

Fruth’s films are tested on-site using tools that ensure the cleanest film possible and to verify strong seals - saving medical device brands time and money.

Where are you shipping from?

This question may seem like a no-brainer, but location is key when it comes to shipping. Where is the packaging being shipped from? Longer distances will add cost and lead times.

Fruth is the west coast's premier packaging company

Fruth Custom Packaging’s manufacturing facilities are located in Placentia, California being an ideal spot for many medical and technology companies throughout the west coast.


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