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Fruth 360

Fruth 360: Putting People First and Producing Top Quality Products

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What makes Fruth Custom Packaging a unique plastic fabrication company and industry leader? Relationships. Our relationships with employees, relationships with the community, and most importantly, relationships with our customers.


Family-owned and American-made, people come first at Fruth.

From engineering solutions to custom constructions, formulations and materials, Fruth serves a diversified client base in the automotive, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, electronic, and luxury goods industries. Watch how the Fruth 360™ process vertically integrates every step of manufacturing, keeping everything in-house to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production — from extrusion to printing and final product.

When it comes to custom plastic bags and film, whether they need to be aseptic for cleanrooms or seed bags for agriculture, our plastic fabrication company is here to provide the best quality from coast to coast.

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