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Custom Medical Packaging: Catheter Syringe Bag

Catheter bag packaging

Recently, we worked with a client to develop a very niche product. The bag itself is for a medical packaging supplier, and the end use is to house a syringe for deflating a catheter, but its construction is unique.

Construction of bag includes:

  • drag seal

  • permanent tape to adhere the bag and syringe on hospital machinery

  • printed 20 different languages indicating product and usage

Thanks to our state-of-the-art printing presses and in-house flexographic capabilities, we were able to print the small line drawing illustration of the catheter and machinery it is used with, right on the bag. In addition to the custom print, vertical drag seal, tape, and bottom seal, the end user needed a hole punch in the top right corner.

With all of these configuration options, we were able to set up a single run and do the many of conversion steps in a single process, saving time and money, that we pass along to our customers.

Fruth Custom Packaging is dedicated to bringing the highest quality custom packaging solutions, at the most competitive price. Our processes scale from small product runs up to millions of bags at a time.


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