Fruth Plastics Environmentally Friendly Materials

Eco-Friendly Material Options at Fruth Plastics

Eco-Friendly Material Options at Fruth Plastics

Truck at a Composting Facility


capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. While everything that is compostable is biodegradable, not everything that is biodegradable is compostable. And just where do recycled material and oxo-degradable films fit in?

With the infrastructure still in its infancy, most compostable products purchased in the United States will end up in a landfill. Scientific American estimates that it takes 100 to 1,000 years for a compostable bottle made of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) to break down in a landfill. Beyond that there are arguments on both sides of the issue, with studies to back the claims on both sides. Yes, it’s in a landfill, but it’s better for the environment because compostable products are made using renewable resources. Conversely, PLA creates methane in landfills, a greenhouse gas that is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide, negatively impacting the environment.

It always reverts to a chicken vs. egg debate. Which comes first? Should we purchase all things compostable in the hope that demand will help drive initiative to build the composting infrastructure in the U.S. necessary to process compostable material? Do we get the proper infrastructure in place so that once demand is there for compostable products, we have a means to process it? Who will fund that? This is one of the issues that has slowed the adoption of compostable products. Bioplastics are certainly the material of the future, but for now, if we all practice responsible plastic-ing, it could go a long way towards helping the environment.

So what does Fruth Custom Plastics offer, to those wishing to lower their carbon footprint, and what are the benefits of the different options?

An image with the recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable symbols

Recycled Content Film

In 2017 Fruth Plastics installed two reprocessing units, which has allowed us to manufacture 100% recycled, FDA Approved resin. Our recycled content fill can be made with any percentage, up to 100% recycled content LDPE resin. This helps reduce carbon footprint by diverting plastic from landfill. By the end of 2020, Fruth Custom Plastics will have diverted over one million pounds of plastic from landfill for the year.

Oxo-Degradable Films

While often confused with biodegradable plastics, oxo-degradables are neither a bioplastic nor a biodegradable plastic, but rather a conventional plastic mixed with an additive to imitate biodegradation. Fruth Plastics offers both a Bio-Additive and Bio-Based Film. Bio films have a percentage of bio-based material, usually in the form of PLA, embedded into the product. While the bio-based additives (and film) do not make these products compostable, effective biodegradable additives expedite the rate of degradation.

Compostable Film

Some may not realize, but most of the compostable products sold in the U.S. are only compostable at a commercial composting facility. Materials certified according to ASTM D6400 or EN 13432 (like the Fruth Plastics Compostable PLA film) will disintegrate within 12 weeks and biodegrade at least 90% within 180 days in a municipal or industrial composting facility. In addition to commercially compostable film, Fruth Plastics offers packaging that is home compostable, as well as material that breaks down in the marine environment. Our compostable material meets FDA regulations for food packaging.

Water Soluble Film

This film is made of a highly water-soluble paper useful in many pouching applications, with its water-soluble design and heat seal coating. This material dissolves easily and completely in any water temperature. It is environmentally sustainable, FDA approved for indirect food contact, and has excellent print characteristics.

Nylon Film, Bags, and other Flexible Packaging

Nylon Film and Bags in the Packaging Industry

Sure, you know that Fruth Plastics has extruded polyethylene for decades now. Did you know that we also extrude and convert nylon film and bags? Nylon is ideal for packaging challenges involving toughness, cleanliness, and maximum resistance to abrasion. To learn more about the preferred industries for nylon, read below.

Nylon packaging for the medical industry


Medical / Laboratory – Nylon is a great material to contain sharp objects while preserving devices and minimizing their exposure to particulate. Nylon is the material of choice for dry heat sterilization. Dry heat sterilization uses hot air that is either free from water vapor, or has very little of it. Unlike autoclaving, in dry heat sterilization moisture plays a minimal role in the sterilization process. Dry Heat Sterilization is great for a wide range of items like loads that contain powders, fat, or oils that the steam sterilizer’s moisture would damage. Glassware, hydrophobic materials, and metal instruments are best in dry heat sterilizers.


Electronics & Semiconductors – Semiconductors are used in the manufacture of various electronic devices, including diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits. Even the tiniest spec of particulate can ruin the functionality of an electronic component or semiconductor. The only way to manage contamination is with total environment control. Nylon bags are the ideal cleanroom packaging for semiconductors because they offer the lowest particulate level.


Nylon film for cleanroom bags



Cleanroom - Nylon offers the lowest particulate levels of any cleanroom packaging film. It is ideal for applications with a high sensitivity to contamination. With its abrasion resistance, nylon is ideal for packing sharp or hard items. Our cleanroom nylon meets IEST-STD CC1246E level 50 cleanliness standards.



Aerospace – Aerospace companies want to protect their cargo from impact, vibration, temperature extremes and humidity. Nylon is the preferred packaging material due to its cleanliness and heat stability characteristics.

Nylon for the Aerospace Industry

Nylon Packaging for Chemicals and Powders


Chemical Packaging  - Nylon is an excellent aroma and gas barrier used to package pesticides, fertilizers, fragrances and chemicals. It is resistant to grease, oil, fats, mineral acids, styrene, formic acid and alkaline materials. This makes nylon the ideal flexible packaging for chemical applications.



Solvent Recovery - Solvent recovery is the process of extracting useful materials from waste or by-product solvents generated during the manufacturing process. These chemicals can then be repurposed, reducing the need to produce new solvents, while eliminating a large amount of waste and removing potentially hazardous substances from what’s left. Nylon bags make great liners for the solvent recovery process.

Nylon Film and Bags for Solvent Recovery

To learn more about our nylon specs click here.

FRUTH Manufacturer for Top Medical Device Makers!

FRUTH Manufacturer for Top Medical Device Makers!

FRUTH is proud to be a specialty packaging manufacturer to each of the top Medical Device Makers in Southern California. Throughout our years of business we have worked with in-house engineers and partners in the industry, making FRUTH a top packaging manufacturer for these highly critical and specialized companies.


Contact for any of your specialty medical packaging requirements
Medical Device Makers

Made from Recycled Plastics

Recycled Poly Bag


This poly bag is made from recycled plastic resin. This product is the first to launch from our new line of eco-friendly packaging options, currently in development at FRUTH.

In the coming months, we will showcase more new products, like accelerated breakdown film, oxo-degraders, and poly lactic acid.

Contact today for a quote on recycled poly bags and other bio-degradable products being developed.


Fruth + JB Bag

Fruth + JB Bag

Fruth Custom Plastics is pleased to announce the acquisition of JB Bag & Supply, Inc. JB Bag was established 45 years ago and has been a leader in the flexible packaging printing market while offering outstanding customer service. The acquisition will add to Fruth’s growing print capabilities and products, specifically in wicket bags and added capabilities of up to 6 color print.

We plan to build on and continue their success and welcome our new team members, customers, and vendors.

We look forward to a smooth transition and continued exceptional service to our Fruth Plastics customers.

Please note that all inquiries and orders going forward should go to


FDA Compliant Food Bags

FDA Compliant Food Bags

While we typically like to use these posts to showcase our latest developments and newest product lines, our clear poly bags still are the heart of our business. This week, we’d like to tell you about our FDA Compliant poly bags that can be used for food contact.

Available in any of our conversion configurations, including bottom gusset, zipper bags, flat bags, or stand up bags, the low barrier poly acts as a cost-effective water barrier, grease barrier, and dirt barrier. The bags can be constructed with hang holes, perforations, air vents, anything you need to fit your customers’ specific application.

FDA requires the use of virgin poly, and no recycled or reprocessed materials and these bags use a blend of 100% virgin LDPE and LLDPE for extra strength. Custom formulas are available upon request.

If you have a need for packaging food or require food grade films, reach out to our sales team at for a quote.

Medical Packaging Market Growth

Medical Packaging Market Growth

Fruth Plastics has been a leader and innovator in the cleanroom packaging industry for decades. Over the next 4 years, market research firm TechNavio is forecasting a $1.44 billion increase in the medical packaging industry, accounting for a compound annual growth rate of 5%. The main factor for this growth was cited to be the market growth in the US medical device industry. The US is the world leader in high tech medical device design and development and makes for a prime market for packaging distributors to find new business and new customers.

The products shown here are just a few of our medical products; some with specialty films and constructions, and some that just need to be clean to package medical products.

  • Foil bags with low MVTR are used here to house desiccants, that go on to be used in a cleaning process for specific hospital equipment.
  • Double pocket bags, for holding samples and paperwork, without risk of contamination.
  • Specialized packaging used for insulin pumps that stay connected while in the shower.
  • One-time use outer packaging for sterilized medical equipment used in out-patient procedures.

Each of these products has a story, a unique need, and a specialized solution that Fruth Plastics was able to engineer and manufacture. When speaking to new leads in the medical device industry, if you’re faced with unique packaging challenges, or just need the most competitive price, reach out to our sales team at for a quote. We’d love to help you bring these new products to market.

Catheter Syringe Bag

Catheter Syringe Bag


Recently, we worked with a client to develop a very niche product. The bag itself is for a medical packaging supplier, and the end use is to house a syringe for deflating a catheter, but its construction is unique. Down the left-hand side, we have a drag seal and a permanent tape, to adhere the bag and syringe on hospital machinery for access when needed. This product goes into countries around the world, so when we printed the bag, it included over 20 different languages, indicating the product and usage. Due to our new printing presses and inhouse flexographic specialists, we were able to print the small line drawing illustration of the catheter and machinery it is used with, right on the bag. In addition to the custom print, vertical drag seal, tape, and bottom seal, the end user needed a hole punch in the top right corner. With all of these configuration options, we were able to set up a single run and do the many of conversion steps in a single process, saving time and money, that we pass along to our customers.

Fruth Plastics is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality custom packaging solutions, at the most competitive price. Our processes scale from small product runs up to millions of bags at a time. Please contact Fruth for any medical packaging, cleanroom packaging, or any custom flexible packaging needs.