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Side Seal

Fruth's side seal bags are available in a variety of styles to suit your specific product needs. Depending on your specific requirements, the pouch will be sealed on three sides and feature an opening at either the top or bottom of the bag where your product can be filled by hand or machine. Upon request, we can also provide hang holes and zippers.

Side seal bags are appropriate for various applications in both food and non-food industries. This is a popular style of bag for products such as ground coffee, spices, liquids and other similar products. We can also make your packaging clear so the product can be viewed through the sealed pouch.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom lay flat bags. Our bags are lightweight and flexible and meet all FDA and USDA food and safety specifications. Made in the USA.

Side-seal bag filled with seeds

Fruth 360™ Process

Fruth has a vertically integrated manufacturing process that allows us to manage every step of production, from extrusion to conversion to customization. This allows us to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production and saves clients time, budget and peace of mind. We are the West Coast's premier vertically integrated plastic manufacturing facility.

Side Seal Bags in Use

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