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Gusset Bags

Want to get more out of each bag? Need some more space? Fruth’s gusset bags are the answer. 

Gusset bags add extra material either to the sides or the bottom of the bag, increasing volume, as well as the strength of the bag, allowing it to hold more product than a similar sized flat bag. 

Gusseted bags are common in the food production and food service industries, as they are a great option when wanting to showcase your product. Our gusseted bags can also be heat sealed to provide security and/or retain freshness. Fruth offers both side gusset and bottom gusset bags. 

Side gusset bags look less like a pouch, and more like a pillow as the gussets expand. Side gussets are popular in the food packaging industry. 

Bottom gusset bags are more box shaped at the bottom and can stand up, so you can easily grab small parts or scoop product. They also have high clarity and are great for displaying products. Bottom gusset bags can hold everything from coffee to pet food, as well as many of the consumer goods displayed at your local grocery store. 

Our bags are lightweight and flexible and meet all FDA and USDA requirements. Made in the USA.

Roll of film that converts to gusset bags

Fruth 360™ Process

Fruth has a vertically integrated manufacturing process that allows us to manage every step of production, from extrusion to conversion to customization. This allows us to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production and saves clients time, budget and peace of mind. We are the West Coast's premier vertically integrated plastic manufacturing facility.

Gusset Bags in Use

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