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Our Story

100% American Made:

The Gold Standard For Specialty Products, Trust and Innovation

Whether difficult times or a thriving economy, job creation and retention are consistently coupled with U.S.- made products at Fruth. As a global manufacturer and supplier of custom flexible packaging, Fruth has found its niche in producing specialty products for specialty markets.

From its engineering solutions to custom constructions, formulations and materials, Fruth serves a diversified client base in the automotive, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, electronic, industrial and luxury goods industries.

More and more customers are seeking alternate packaging options, whether specialty or environmentally certified, and Fruth is uniquely suited to pivot to customer needs because the business is vertically integrated, producing 100% of its products in-house.

Family owned and American made, Fruth’s extensive lineup of capabilities leverage the Fruth 360TM process. The vertically integrated manufacturing process allows the company to manage every step of production, from extrusion to conversion to printing and customization, in-house — ensuring the highest quality at every stage of production and saving clients time, budget and peace of mind.

And all Fruth products are 100% American made, starting with raw materials sourced domestically. In fact, Fruth was one of the first companies to break down siloed plastics manufacturing that previously required customers to work with multiple companies and vendors to source a finished product — and Fruth does so at a lower price point.

Our Team

Jim Fruth

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

In the mid 1980s Jim Fruth started a two-man plastics company in Garden Grove, California. Three decades later, the company now employs 160 people in facilities across Southern California and is considered a leader in packaging innovation.

Born and raised in Midwest America with core values and principles passed on from prior generations, Jim’s work ethic and innovative thinking propelled his migration westward to Southern California. After graduating from the University of Toledo with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Jim worked for several companies in the aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical industries. His work in these fields allowed him to quickly recognize the need for diverse packaging solutions, and in 1986 he opened Fruth Custom Packaging converting various types of film into finished products such as bags and pouches.

In 1991, Fruth Custom Packaging began operations of its first extruder, allowing the company the opportunity to extrude their own film. Fruth Custom Packaging is now home to more than 10 extruders, multiple clean rooms, and a plethora of hand and automatic machinery, all run and operated by a “family” of dedicated and hardworking employees. Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit and engineering expertise are the backbone of the company which allows Fruth Custom Packaging a wide array of capabilities to serve a multitude of industries and packaging needs.

Dedicated to lifelong learning, Jim serves on the Cal Poly Dean’s Leadership Board to tutor and hire young engineers. During the past eight years he has mentored and hired more than 25 engineers.

Jim Headshot.jpg

Jaime Read

Executive Director of Human Resources,

Legal, Marketing: Corporate Officer

Jaime Read serves as Fruth Custom Packaging and Cleanroom Film & Bag HR, Legal and Marketing Director. She is responsible for the strategic development and senior management of FCP’s & CFB’s growing human resources organization, leading recruitment and retention, and expanding its corporate culture as the company ramps up for significant anticipated growth. With more than 12 years in Human Resources and California law, Jaime brings expertise in diversity, reward and recognition, talent acquisition management, employee relations, employment law, and organizational and professional development to help Fruth and CFB grow and thrive. She coordinates all organizational change, compensation plans,benefit programs, and state and federal compliance.

Jaime currently acts as Chief In-house Compliance Officer, monitoring the state of compliance across both organizations and deals extensively with in-house lawyers for all corporate law compliance as well as workers comp litigation and management of claims for any employee relations.

Jaime Headshot.jpg

Brian Kunisch


Brian Kunisch has been with Fruth Custom Packaging and affiliates since 2004. As is customary in a continuously growing and expanding enterprise, he has served in a number of roles across various departments throughout the years, growing into his role as CFO.

Brian has both oversight and hands-on involvement in all financial and accounting functions and transactions for both Fruth Custom Packaging and Cleanroom Film & Bags. This encompasses a myriad of roles, as an advisor and strategic partner to the CEO and Executive Board on financial decisions and planning as well as a catalyst of achieving superior financial and operational performance. He serves as a steward to third parties including collaboration with outside CPAs on periodic reconciliations and compiled financial statements, relationship management with the bank, and interactions with strategic partners, customers and vendors.

Brian Kunisch.jpeg

Aung Zeya

Director of Business Development

Aung Zeya brings 15 years of executive operational excellence and leadership to CFB. He possesses a diverse background and a deep understanding of every level of operations and management. As Director of Business Development, Aung’s wide-ranging responsibilities touch every part of the sales and manufacturing process.

From new business development and procurement, to safety, P&L responsibility and continuous improvement (Six Sigma/ Lean Manufacturing, and Quality Control - ISO/SQF), Aung manages every aspect of his work with precision and ease.

As a trained Industrial Engineer, Aung’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence drive everything he does. From solving the most complex engineering challenges to building long-term successful relationships, his goal remains the same – delivering the highest-quality products with superior customer service.

Aung Headshot.jpg



Our state-of-the-art cleanrooms are ISO 9001:2015 certified and equipped with a continuous environmental monitoring climate system, and a fully equipped laboratory. All cleanroom poly film and bags are manufactured totally within a controlled cleanroom environment in order to maintain a superior level of cleanliness. The process takes raw materials from the virgin raw state to a finished, vacuum sealed product without leaving the cleanroom environment.

Fruth is dedicated to continuous improvement and strives to exceed customer expectations. We actively seek cost-effective packaging solutions, provide value-added services, and ensure on-time delivery of quality products that meet customer requirements.

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