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All Fruth cleanroom bags are manufactured totally within a controlled cleanroom environment in order to maintain a superior level of cleanliness. Our resins are pure from the start and contain ZERO additives like “slip” and “anti-block." The process takes raw materials from the virgin raw state to a finished, vacuum sealed product without leaving the cleanroom environment and meets FDA compliance. 

Our state-of-the art cleanrooms not only meet the highest level of compliance (ISO 9001:2015 compliant) but are vertically integrated, equipping Fruth with the ability to meet the unique demands of every customer while creating superior quality packaging within the microelectronic, aerospace, semiconductor, silicon, food and medical markets. Made in the USA.

cleanroom bags

Fruth 360™ Process

Fruth has a vertically integrated manufacturing process that allows us to manage every step of production, from extrusion to conversion to customization. This allows us to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production and saves clients time, budget and peace of mind. We are the West Coast's premier vertically integrated plastic manufacturing facility.

Cleanroom Bags in Use

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