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Autoclave Bags

Offering great impact and puncture resistance, Fruth’s autoclave bags are made to stand up to the rigors of steam sterilization. Made of virgin polypropylene, our bags are the perfect option for sterilizing medical tools and instruments, as well as biohazard waste. Autoclaving is a common method the medical industry uses to sterilize infectious waste using high-temperature, high-pressure steam for a specific time. Our autoclave bags are perfect for gravity steam, high vacuum steam, ETO gas, and chemical sterilization. 


Need an option for dry heat sterilization? Learn more about Fruth’s nylon sterilization pouches. Fruth is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom autoclave bags and pouches for biohazards or specimens. Types include resealable bags, anti-static bags, parts & sample bags, biohazard bags/pouches, and specimen bags/pouches. Autoclave biohazard bags meet all Federal and State regulations for biohazard waste. Made in the USA.

Red Autoclave Bag

Fruth 360™ Process

Fruth has a vertically integrated manufacturing process that allows us to manage every step of production, from extrusion to conversion to customization. This allows us to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production and saves clients time, budget and peace of mind. We are the West Coast's premier vertically integrated plastic manufacturing facility.

Autoclave Bags in Use

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