We offer LDPE products in 1-10 MIL thickness and in an extensive range of colors. Such blow film extruded and heat sealable material can be converted into small or large bags with options listed in the “custom items” tab to the left, or simply ordered as tubing or sheeting rolls from 1/2″ to 82″ wide, Fruth is able to engineer, manufacture and convert a wide variety of LDPE products for our customers. Listed below is a sampling of the more commonly requested materials as well as some of their characteristics and properties.


Our Films

  • Pink Anti-Stat Increased surface resistivity, pink color identifier per industry standard. Previously controlled by the MIL-PRF-18705 Type 2 standard, which has since been deprecated, our finished product meets the requirements detailed in the previous versions of the 81705 Specification.
  • Clear Anti-Stat Increased surface resistivity, clear for product for applications where pink anti-stat will not work.
  • Blue VCI A Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor is added to the film to protect ferrous metals from rust. This film has long shelf life, and is a replacement for protective coating on metal materials.
  • Polypropylene High strength, high elasticity film that can with stand the high heat of autoclave sterilization. Used in hospitals and applications where bag contents have a biological component that need to be sterilized prior to disposal.
  • Black Conductive Used in the packaging of static sensitive components such as chemicals or explosives, carbon molecules are imbued in the film, conducting electricity, and never letting it discharge; protecting all contents from electrical charge. Permanent anti-static solution. The Carbon will never lose its conductivity, but moisture can degrade the conductive properties if improperly stored. Compliant with MIL-DTL-82647.
  • Green Nuclear High strength polyethylene that undergoes rigorous in house testing for each lot. Compliant with MIL-DTL-24466C.
  • Flame Retardant This film contains a special additive that gives the film a “self extinguishing” property, passing the NFPA 701 Small Scale test. Films are tested for compliance with the NFPA standard.


From opaque to transparent colors, with or without special performance additives, small to large production runs, we provide our customers more options and flexibility than our competitors, and is precisely what makes Fruth such a unique custom manufacturing house.