Nylon Film and Bags in the Packaging Industry

Sure, you know that Fruth Plastics has extruded polyethylene for decades now. Did you know that we also extrude and convert nylon film and bags? Nylon is ideal for packaging challenges involving toughness, cleanliness, and maximum resistance to abrasion. To learn more about the preferred industries for nylon, read below.

Nylon packaging for the medical industry


Medical / Laboratory – Nylon is a great material to contain sharp objects while preserving devices and minimizing their exposure to particulate. Nylon is the material of choice for dry heat sterilization. Dry heat sterilization uses hot air that is either free from water vapor, or has very little of it. Unlike autoclaving, in dry heat sterilization moisture plays a minimal role in the sterilization process. Dry Heat Sterilization is great for a wide range of items like loads that contain powders, fat, or oils that the steam sterilizer’s moisture would damage. Glassware, hydrophobic materials, and metal instruments are best in dry heat sterilizers.


Electronics & Semiconductors – Semiconductors are used in the manufacture of various electronic devices, including diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits. Even the tiniest spec of particulate can ruin the functionality of an electronic component or semiconductor. The only way to manage contamination is with total environment control. Nylon bags are the ideal cleanroom packaging for semiconductors because they offer the lowest particulate level.

Nylon film for cleanroom bags



Cleanroom - Nylon offers the lowest particulate levels of any cleanroom packaging film. It is ideal for applications with a high sensitivity to contamination. With its abrasion resistance, nylon is ideal for packing sharp or hard items. Our cleanroom nylon meets IEST-STD CC1246E level 50 cleanliness standards.



Aerospace – Aerospace companies want to protect their cargo from impact, vibration, temperature extremes and humidity. Nylon is the preferred packaging material due to its cleanliness and heat stability characteristics.

Nylon for the Aerospace Industry
Nylon Packaging for Chemicals and Powders


Chemical Packaging  - Nylon is an excellent aroma and gas barrier used to package pesticides, fertilizers, fragrances and chemicals. It is resistant to grease, oil, fats, mineral acids, styrene, formic acid and alkaline materials. This makes nylon the ideal flexible packaging for chemical applications.



Solvent Recovery - Solvent recovery is the process of extracting useful materials from waste or by-product solvents generated during the manufacturing process. These chemicals can then be repurposed, reducing the need to produce new solvents, while eliminating a large amount of waste and removing potentially hazardous substances from what’s left. Nylon bags make great liners for the solvent recovery process.

Nylon Film and Bags for Solvent Recovery

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