The Green Future of Plastic

We don't take waste lightly.

Fruth Custom Plastics is aware of the myriad of negatives associated with plastic packaging, but we also believe it is the best choice out of the options presented. Paper has its own pollution track record, and takes considerably more space, and weighs more, for a comparable strength paper bag. Our vision for 2020 and beyond involves ushering in a new era of plastic packaging, taking advantage of the latest in material science and plastic technology.

We are developing an entire line of eco-friendly options, that range from degradable films like Oxo-Degraders and Poly Lactic Acids, to making bags out of recycled poly scrap to prevent plastic from ending up in landfills.

Reprocessing Operation

In 2017 we installed our first reprocessing unit, and six months later installed a second. We now collect not only the scrap from all of our manufacturing facilities, but we buy production scrap from our local competitors in the poly business. Our recycling operation now runs around the clock, churning out recycled poly pellets that go into our Hi-Mix Repro films.

The Future

We've already seen the beginnings; Saudi Arabia has banned all plastic packaging that is not made with an Oxo-Degrader. Research for biodegradable plastic at material science universities has become a large field for material scientists. Combined with established products like Poly Lactic Acid and Oxo-Degraders, Fruth is looking towards the future to research and test the latest options, to bring biodegradable products to the end users. There may be a day far off in our future where we don't manufacture traditional polyethylene, and rather than running scared, we're excited!



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