Barrier Films

Fruth Custom Plastics works with a number of different materials in an effort to provide our customers the options they need to meet their product and end-use specifications and properties. To the right are samples of NAPP Foil and Static Shielding bags; these are just a few of the many barrier film materials we offer in a wide range of sizes as well as custom designed options available (refer to the Custom Items page for a better idea of offerings). The table below lists some of the more frequently requested materials as well as some of the properties commonly associated with the materials.

  • Static Shielding Polyester/metallic/anti-static PE, transparent
  • EMI Static Shielding Moisture vapor protection, radio frequency and magnetic field resistance
  • Mil-PRF-131K Moisture vapor protection, corrosion resistance, highly tensile/high puncture strength
  • Scrim Foil Moisture vapor protection. Meets MIL-PRF-131K
  • Fruth FFP: Film Foil Poly A lower cost, non DOD-compliant alternative to MIL-PRF-131k Type 1 Foil
  • Kraft Foil Kraft paper and foil laminate, meets MIL-PRF-121 G


Additional barrier materials are available. Here is a listing of some of the more commonly requested.

Also, many of the materials overlap on characteristics and/or properties. We will work with you to find the barrier material best suited for your product, specifications, and budget.