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FRUTH Manufacturer for Top Medical Device Makers!

FRUTH Manufacturer for Top Medical Device Makers!

FRUTH is proud to be a specialty packaging manufacturer to each of the top Medical Device Makers in Southern California. Throughout our years of business we have worked with in-house engineers and partners in the industry, making FRUTH a top packaging manufacturer for these highly critical and specialized companies.


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Medical Device Makers

Made from Recycled Plastics

Recycled Poly Bag


This poly bag is made from recycled plastic resin. This product is the first to launch from our new line of eco-friendly packaging options, currently in development at FRUTH.

In the coming months, we will showcase more new products, like accelerated breakdown film, oxo-degraders, and poly lactic acid.

Contact sales@fruth.com today for a quote on recycled poly bags and other bio-degradable products being developed.