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Here at Fruth Custom Plastics we are committed to providing a wide array of quality flexible packaging products while doing so at the most competitive pricing available. We aim to meet your business needs from small to large production runs with quick turn-around times. From engineering to quoting to manufacturing to arranging low-cost shipping, and all the steps in between, we treat our customers with the care and attention they deserve while supplying quality assured manufactured goods at the most affordable prices. We service a number of different industries, including but not limited to:

Medical / Pharmaceutical
Automotive / Transportation

Our History

A few details…

Born and raised in Midwest America with core values and principles passed on from prior generations, Jim Fruth’s diligent work ethic and innovative thinking has propelled his migration westward to southern California where he has established family and business roots. After graduating from the University of Toledo with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Jim worked for a few different companies in the aerospace, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. His work in these fields allowed him to quickly recognize the need for diverse packaging solutions, and in 1986 he opened Fruth Custom Plastics as a two man operation converting various types of film in to finished products such as bags and pouches.

In 1991, Fruth began operations of its first extruder, allowing the company the opportunity to extrude their own film. Over 20 years later, Fruth Custom Plastics is now home to over 10 extruders, multiple clean rooms, and a plethora of hand and automatic machinery, all run and operated by a “family” of dedicated and hardworking employees. Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit and engineering expertise is the backbone of the company, that which allows Fruth Custom Plastics a wide array of capabilities to service a multitude of industries and packaging needs.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, housed in a 38,000 square foot facility in north Orange County, Fruth Custom Plastics is uniquely positioned to take on many engineering and packaging projects that other manufacturers and distributors simply can’t handle or just won’t attempt. Listed below are some of the capabilities and qualities that keep our customers satisfied and sets us apart from the competition:

Most competitive pricing in the industry
Quality assurance, stand behind our USA manufactured product
Excellent customer care and follow-through.
Shipping ability (competitive pricing set up with trusted freight carriers, and ability to handle customer specification
Custom engineering (capabilities and willingness to work with customers to find solutions)
Ability to handle small to large production runs
Full Engineering Support from design, development to manufacturing
Automotive / Transportation

Our Service

For a strong community

Fruth Custom Plastics is dedicated to implementing manufacturing and operational processes that are environmentally friendly such as increasing recycling activities and minimizing waste/scrap. We care for, and are actively involved in, the surrounding community and take pride in such activities as U.S. soldier sponsorship and participation with local Boy Scout organizations in an effort to provide knowledge and mentorship in areas such as manufacturing, business, and entrepreneurship.


Fruth Distributor Services

  • In house Engineering team and Industry Expertise
  • Protected Discounted Pricing
  • Private Labeling
  • Blind Shipments – Fruth will label shipments according to your specifications
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Customized Barcode Labeling
  • Stocking Capabilities on request
  • Joint Sales Call support upon request

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